Temperature Controlled Storage Units in Corpus Christi

When it comes to storing goods, finding a great location is a must. At Butterkrust Storage, it doesn’t matter if you are coming from downtown Corpus Christi, TX or a surrounding neighborhood like Central City, La Molina, or North Beach – we are happy to serve your needs and are striving to be sure everyone can reach our property quickly.
If you would like to rent one of our temperature controlled storage units, come by and visit us at 2002 Ayers St, Corpus Christi, TX 78404. If you are not sure yet, it occurred to us that you could benefit from knowing who these convenient storage units are for, so look below!
Avoiding the dangers of extreme weather? The most obvious reason for using a temperature controlled storage unit is keeping your belongings away from extreme fluctuations in temperature. While the Corpus Christi’s weather can be pretty hot all year long, it’s no secret that the summer months can get to scorching temperatures – even during a normal year.
Storing particularly sensitive or fragile items? Large or frequent changes in temperature can damage a variety of items. If you are planning to store wood furniture, important documents, electronic equipment (refrigerators, microwaves, portable dishwashers), and other stuff that may be sensitive to changes in the weather, you can benefit from temperature controlled storage.
Planning to use a long-term storage solution? Whether you want to put household belongings or dorm room stuff into storage, you don’t always know how long you will need to keep them there. You may be tempted to leave your things where they are now or even store them in a friend’s garage, but temperature controlled storage can give you the flexibility you need.
Not sure how much time you need? For short-term storage needs, traditional storage may work well in the Corpus Christi, TX area, considering you are not storing any sensitive item. However, you may realize that some of your possessions will need to stay in self storage longer than you first planned. If you think that will be the case, temperature controlled storage is a safe option.
Give us a call at Butterkrust Storage and let us in on the details of your next move. We can help select the right temperature controlled storage unit for your belongings.