Corpus Christi's #1 Boat Storage Facility

Corpus Christi, TX 78404 – just minutes from Corpus Christi Medical Center and Banuelos Truck & Auto Electric – is perfect for vehicles that may be taking up too much space at home, including boats and other watercraft.
What type of situation leads to someone searching for a safe place where they can keep their vessel for a few months while they are not using it? In what ways do people benefit from boat storage in Corpus Christi, TX? Look below for clarification.
Looking for a place during the off-season? Even if you live in an area where the cold rarely plays a role in your day-to-day life, you will likely not be using your boat constantly throughout the year. Cold places may demand that people keep their vehicles in storage spaces during the winter months, but Texas residents also need to make sure that their vehicles are well kept.
What is the point of storing your boat if you can’t get easy access to it, or worse, must drive endless miles each time you want to visit your boat storage space? Those who need to keep the boat close to home will have no shortage of options when it’s time to take it back out on the water because our facility is also close to many outdoor spots (you can enjoy Corpus Christi Bay, for example).
Want to spend less on an uncovered spot? Our outdoor parking spaces are a great way of saving during your next boat storage experience. Not everyone is fortunate enough to own or rent a private space. For those people, covering the vehicle will keep the UV light away from the paint and make sure it stays in good shape until the next adventure.
By storing your boat at our facility, you can benefit from our extended access hours during seven days a week. Butterkrust Storage is happy to serve the Corpus Christ, TX community with their boat storage needs!